Your work amazes me. I LOVE all your sherlock stuff particularly. Do you sell your art? Either as the piece itself or a print? I would love to have one of those hanging on my wall at home!


Hi - Thank you. Yes, I sell art prints and postcards of my Sherlock art, you can find them at my online store here. -capnb.x

Info for my new followers who may be interested to have art prints of my Sherlock art. I intend to make prints of my latest drawing ‘SH - stairway to mind palace’ as soon as possible! Thanks. -capnb.x



"Axe in Infinity," "Fallacies," "Clawing Through Agony"…

aah anyone know what ep/season this is? dont think ive seen it yet…

This is from the Breaking Bad Minisodes. All are available on YouTube and do not need to be viewed in any particular order but this particular one is here: TWAUGHTHAMMER

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Always will remind me of Shaun Of The Dead

The Blue Wrath by IMonster

my little buddy from Texas

palette de couleurs pour van gogh


1x02: Cat’s in the Bag…

By Dave Perillo in Philadelphia, PA / Blog / deviantARTDribbble



SH – stairway to mind palace

Drawing finally done! Started 3 months ago, It took a way longer than I expected. I thought that drawing in white on black would be easier but not at all. The thing is, to have white really really white, I had to draw so many times that I’ve lost count (I killed 3 entire pencils to achieve it.)

The process was so long also because of the large size of the drawing; the principal difficulty was to do all these different lightings and shadows. My favourite part was to draw Sherlock climbing the stairs; I loved to draw the shadow on his coat and the staircase. But I didn’t enjoy so much drawing the hair of the profile, it drove me crazy! I was really happy when I put my signature at the end.

Credit to Ian Derry for the 2 wonderful reference photos I’ve used:

He also inspired me the idea for the composition of the drawing with this post.

See here, the work in progress:

White and light grey pencils on black paper - size 65x50cm (26”x20”)


Oh yes, you’re right! never noticed that and I had my nose on it for weeks!! nice observation, thanks.

“Dans la vie du peintre peut-être
la mort n’est pas ce qu’il y aurait de plus difficile.
- Moi je déclare ne pas en savoir quoi que ce soit. Mais toujours la vue des étoiles me fait rêver aussi simplement que me donnent à rêver les points noirs représentant sur la carte géographique villes & villages.
Pourquoi, me dis-je, les points lumineux
du firmament nous seraient-ils moins accessibles que les points noirs sur la carte de France.
Si nous prenons le train pour nous rendre à Tarascon ou à Rouen nous prenons la mort pour aller dans une étoile.
Ce qui est certainement vrai dans ce raisonnement c’est que étant en vie nous ne pouvons pas nous rendre dans une étoile.
Pas plus qu’étant morts nous puissions prendre le train.”
Vincent Van Gogh - Lettre à Theo, juillet 1888, Arles, France.


Did you know that Vincent van Gogh painted over 30 self-portraits between the years 1886 and 1889? His collection of self-portraits places him among the most prolific self-portraitists of all time.

These are some and you can see them all in this short video:  Here

Tiny Finger Point