Work in progress, details and tools for my drawing of Jesse - inktober.

Reference picture.

Jesse at work - inktober 5

Made with black, red, pink and blue ballpoint pens + white acrylic paint pen.

Yo, Jesse my old friend, it’s been a while that I didn’t deal with him.
This one took way longer than my other inktober drawings - I initially planned to make quick sketches but, oh well, it seems that my love for details is stronger! Plus the reference picture was too much interesting that it worsted to spend several hours on it. I mostly worked like on my pencil drawings - The technique with ballpoint pen is all about pressure on the nib, gently for light shading, strong for dark and to keep a similar stroke. But I had to be very careful too because ink blob could happens in any moment… Otherwise, I had fun and great improvement, but now, I don’t feel the need to keep going inktober, I think it’s a good way to achieve it.


Ralph Steadman has joined up with Vince Gilligan to create limited edition Blu-ray cases for all six seasons of Breaking Bad. Walter, Jesse, Gus, Mike, Hank and Saul each feature on a cover


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Honey Claws - Digital Animal. Breaking Bad Season 4 ST

Benedict Cumberbatch for Out Magazine [x]

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SH ‘Victorian style’ - inktober 4

made with fineliner pen, ballpoint pen and watercolour ink.

'do you have an international reputation?'

SH - JW - inktober 3

made with ballpoint pen

I just saw your pen sketch of Moriarty and I am completely in awe wow just wow.

Thank you, but unfortunately an accident happened, he’s dead… Ballpoint pen is such an evil tool, no mistakes allowed. I wanted to do a small modification on it, I ruined it then killed it. This is what happens when I ruin a drawing:


At least, I’m glad to still have a photo when he was alive.


JM - inktober 2

sketch made with ballpoint pen

SH - inktober 1

sketch made with ballpoint pen

Tiny Finger Point